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2017 Calendar

Equine Events:

Apache Springs Ranch has been created to provide the ultimate, world class experience for your Equine Facilitated Learning event.

Equine Facilitated Learning is an unique developmental process of self- awareness. A trained facilitator guides a client through a close interaction with a horse. The goal is for the client to obtain some personal insights and feedback about their energy, patterns of behavior, and how these show up in other areas of their life. The horse has unique abilities to mirror behaviours, communicate non-verbally, and respond to subtle cues from humans.

No previous horse experience is required, and all work takes place on the ground.

To enquire about booking your group event, or to arrange a private Equine Facilitated Session, please contact certified Equus Coach Master Facilitator:

TJ Killoran at tj@apachespringsranch.com

Apache Springs Ranch is also interested in spreading knowledge and information about the latest techniques to provide horses with improved, natural and healthy care together with an ideal pasture environment. In this regard we host experts in a variety of fields, from time-to-time, to help horse owners learn the latest techniques to ensure a healthy, happy horse. Similarly, we occasionally host expert instructors who have reputations for mastery in natural horsemanship skills, to share their knowledge with other horses owners. World-renowned, gentle horsemen like Carlos Tabernaberri from Australia have held a number of clinics at our ranch, aimed at those of us who wish to carry on with the legacy of renowned natural horsemen like Tom Dorrance, Buck Brannaman and Ray Hunt. As Ray Hunt used to say at the start of many of his clinics: “I’m here for the horse… to help him get a better deal.

These clinics range from introducing some of the latest developments in horse care (barefoot programs, nutrition, natural pasture development, veterinarian, dentistry, chiropractic, etc.) to others designed to improve your relationship with your horse, both on the ground and in the saddle.

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Medicine for the people: The Power and Magic of Being Yourself

March 3-5, 2017 at Apache Springs Ranch

An Equus Retreat with Koelle Simpson and Bridgette Boudreau

During major life changes we’ve found that learning from nature itself, most especially horses, always helps us to reconnect to a deeper sense of our own truth.

Due to their high level of sensitivity, horses are kind, honest, and gentle teachers that are acutely aware of our internal emotional states. They can offer us a safe environment to consciously reconnect with our suppressed needs, our genuine emotions, and the patterns we bring to our relationships. Bridgette and I are joining together with a team of very wise horses for a chance to be in community, play, laugh and support you as you embrace the next chapter of your own journey.

This retreat is an opportunity to discover and integrate what life is asking of you. It’s an opportunity to take the practical steps needed restore your sense of well-being in the midst of uncertainty.

Retreat Schedule:

  • Friday, March 3rd – from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm – Introduction & Dinner
  • Saturday, March 4th – from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm – Reconnecting with Your True Nature Workshop Activities
  • Sunday, March 5th – from 8:30am to 7:00pm – Being Yourself in Community Workshop Activities

A Single Sign-Up Fee is $2,000

Registration closed March 1, but if you have questions about signups contact Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching

What’s Included:

  • The option for transportation to and from Apache Springs Ranch should you choose to lodge with us onsite
  • All meals starting with the arrival dinner on Friday night and concluding with the departure breakfast on Monday morning.
  • All workshop activities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

What’s not included:

  • Your airfare
  • Your lodging at Apache Springs or a nearby hotel option.

Where to fly into: Tucson International Airport

Lodging Onsite:

Apache Springs Ranch Lodging rates: $160 – $320 per night and can include transportation to and from the ranch. Lodging & transportation is not included in the workshop fee. Please email Alain@apachespringsranch.com for details.

For more details go to Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching

Shine Life Designs

The Shine Retreat is a magical weekend that will leave you rejuvenated, inspired and with an expanded experience of freedom, choice, clarity and connection.

Update: Thank you to the organizers and participants!


Healing with Horse Collective

Fifth Annual Symposium: April 27 – May 1, 2017

A Symposium for Equine Facilitators, Therapists and others wishing to team with horses to aid in experiential learning, healing, and spiritual enrichment. Featuring 25+ facilitators and presenters from across North America and Australia. Immerse yourself in nature and the work and play that is learning with horses at the beautiful Apache Springs Ranch. Stay at our exquisite facilities for this amazing retreat.

Experiential activities that make this symposium uniquely effective:

Keynote Speakers: Leaders from the field. Friday is Koelle Simpson of Oprah Magazine fame and Saturday is Linda Kohanov of Eponaquest.

Live Demonstration Facilitations with Horses: Learn by being active observers as presenters show a model, exercise, or illustrate a concept with horses.

Smaller Group Facilitations with Horses: Twice each day, you choose your favorite topic and join a more intimate experiential learning group. In these smaller breakout sessions with horses, you will experience as a participant in interaction with the horses. Learn an aspect of facilitation, and how if feels to experience the process. Apply your learning to your own practice.

A full list of presenters and topics is below.

World class accommodations and meals at Apache Springs Ranch can be booked by contacting the ranch at Alain@apachespringsranch.com or 520-455-9263. Staying at the ranch with a group? Ask about a group discount.

Register for the symposium: Healing with Horse Collective Symposium.


List of Presenters for the Symposium:

Friday Keynote: Koelle Simpson: The Power of Equus Coaching

Saturday Keynote: Linda Kohanov: Emotional Heroism

Pre-Conference Workshop Thursday, April 27: Joanne Byrnes & Saan Ecker: Equine Assisted Constellations

Pre-Conference Workshop Friday, April 28: Jess Campmans: Equine Assisted Intuitive & Energy Healing

Post-Conference Workshop Monday May 1: Linda Kohanov: Emotional Heroism

Nancy Gex Jones: Table Work with Horses

Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A): A Coaching Model of Facilitation

Alejandra Lara: Working with the Military

Tracy Weber: Developing Small-Group Learner-Centered Programs

Barbara Breckenfeld: Massage and Energy Healing for Horses

Natalie Allio: Toward Common Ground: EA/F/G L/T/P/C Communities & Beyond

Sheryl Brown: Bringing Clients In & Building your Community with Equine Meditation Circles

Jini Patel Thompson: Building your Online Presence to Grow Your Business

Cynthia Rank-Ballas: Healing with Horses: An Existential/Experiential Approach

Kate Naylor & Kathleen Choe: Natural LifeManship’s Rhythmic Riding for Self-Regulation

Kedra Holderman: Bringing Subconscious Connections to Light with Horses & Cards

Jane Faulkner: Connection, Attachment, & Authenticity with Horses

Linda Ann Bowling: Oh The Stories They Would Tell! Interpersonal Clarity with Horses

Debbie Cunningham & Jessica Miceli: A Timeline Activity

Jess Stevens: Empowering the Stellar Healer Within Your Horse

Deborah Holcomb: Homeopathy for Horse and Human

Elders of the Field Activities Include:

Barbara Rector

Ann Alden

Linda Kohanov

Shelley Rosenberg

For more details and registration for the Healing with Horse Collective Fifth Annual Symposium visit www.healingwithhorse.org.

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Barbara Alexander hosts Frederic Pignon & Magali Delgado, Original Stars of Cavalia

Horsemanship Through Leadership: The Mind, Body and Spirit of Connection

September 29 – Oct. 3, 2017

Presenter information is at http://barbarainc.com/frederic-pignon-magali-delgado/

Barbara Alexander hosts Frederic Pignon & Magali Delgado, Original Stars of Cavalia

Leadership and Horsemanship: The Mind, Body and Spirit of Connection

September 29 – Oct. 3, 2017

Presenter information is at http://barbarainc.com/frederic-pignon-magali-delgado/

International Equine Summit

Coming to Apache Springs Ranch October 2017

For registration info contact: Shelley Rosenberg. www.myhorsesmyhealers.com

Email: Dressagecenter@theriver.com

And contact Alain Garcia at Apache Springs Ranch for for all inclusive room and board.

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Past Years’ Events:

2016 Calendar

From 2016 Archive:

Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching Practicum and Herd Gathering

January 27 – 31, 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended.

Read about The Koelle Institute for Equine Coaching at: http://koelleinc.com/

Equine Facilitated Coaching with Kathy Pike

Dates: February 4 – 10 and February 16 – 21, 2016

Apache Springs Ranch is pleased to present Kathy Pike, founder of The Academy for Coaching with Horses. Details of this clinic will be posted as soon as they are available.

Here is a link to her website: http://coachingwithhorses.com/



Natural Horsemanship Weekend Clinics with Australia’s Carlos Tabernaberri

carlos-on-horseApache Springs Ranch welcomes Carlos Tabernaberri, Australia’s horse gentler, trainer, and author of Through the Eyes of the Horse, for a series of 3-Day Weekend Retreats in March 2016.

The venue is a magnificient 160 acre private ranch located in Arizona’s Coronado National Forest, less than an hour south of the Tucson International Airport.

Carlos will offer his teachings, and horse wisdom on these weekends:

  • Fri morning, March 4 to Sun afternoon, March 6, 2016
  • Fri morning March 11 to Sun afternoon, March 13, 2016
  • Fri morning March 18 to Sun afternoon, March 20, 2016

The registration cost for you and your horse to attend each 3 day clinic is $600 (includes hay and board). The cost to audit the course is $50/day, or $100 for all 3 days.

We are available to provide you with additional information on the cost of accommodation options, horse rental, meal plans, and general info about Apache Springs Ranch.

Send Me Info

Become an Extraordinary Leader, Rider, and Partner…Through The Eyes of the Horse with Carlos Tabernaberri.

Apache Springs Ranch Equine Therapy ClinicIf you want to experience a horsemanship clinic with a difference, this is it. There’s plenty of information and just as much saddle (and bareback) time.

A clinic with Carlos covers topics such as horse psychology; body language; trust and unity; partnership; developing awareness, feel, balance and self-carriage; bitless riding and much more. Clinic participants are also invited to put forward their own areas of interest or concern, such as trailer loading, bucking, rearing, handling feet or fear of riding that we address in the clinic context.

Regardless of whether you are new to horses or experienced, whether you currently own a horse or not, these clinics emphasise the importance of understanding between you and your horse in order to form a lifelong partnership based on trust and non-violence.


sitters are always welcome and actively included. Be sure to book early to guarantee a place! Private lessons will also be offered.

Carlos’ website: www.whisperingacres.com.au Clinic brochure (PDF): Natural Horsemanship Clinics Article: Award-Winning Horse Listener and “Wonder from Down Under” Carlos Tabernaberri… Article: Meet Melbourne’s horse listener

Experience a retreat at Apache Springs Ranch:

Immerse yourself in the high-desert wilderness while also enjoying the true comfort of traditional Southern Arizonan accommodations through a retreat at Apache Springs. Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to learn from Carlos Tabernaberri here in March 2016!

Horses available:

If you cannot bring your horse and would like to participate in this exceptional clinic with Carlos, there are horses available through AZ Horseback. Please contact Ron Izzo of AZ Horseback Experience and he will guide you in choosing the best horse for you to ride in this workshop.

www.horsebackexperience.com. 520-455-5696. Email: azhorseback@gmail.com.

Please Note ~ You must be an Intermediate* or Advanced** rider for this option and the horse fee is $100/day. Registration and deposit to be completed by February 15, 2016, in order for AZ Horseback to provide a horse for you for any of the 3 weekends in March.

*Intermediate – The intermediate rider has taken lessons or trained under a mentor for a while, rides in a specific discipline (or has experience in several disciplines) and may compete. He or she has ridden several different types of horses and can independently manage a horse’s care. Their seat is secure, they do not apply unintentional aids to the horse when they lose balance or become unseated. They know how to rise or post to the trot and ask for and obtain a specific lead or change in lead. They are capable of riding a less experienced horse and helping in that horse’s training. They are able to train/compete at a more advanced level with a trainer’s assistance. The intermediate rider is knowledgeable about different horse breeds and disciplines. He or she knows basic horse conformation and can detect lameness issues.

**Advanced – Advanced riders have ridden most of their lives and have worked with a trainer/mentor for several years or had several years with intense riding instruction. They have competed successfully at recognized shows in their discipline. They are able to ride most horses including working with young/green horses without assistance. They know advanced manoeuvres in their preferred riding discipline and can positively affect the horse they are riding at all times. The advanced rider is able to teach lessons to beginners, break and train horses and teach a horse advanced manoeuvres. The advanced rider knows horse breeds and conformation well and is able to detect unsoundness vs. blemishes in a horse.

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Wild at Heart

Equine and Nature Based Coaching Retreat with TJ & Elizabeth

September 29 through October 2, 2016

‘Wild at Heart’ is a retreat for women who through the magic of coaching (with horses and humans!) want to…

  • Tap into their inner strength and wisdom and discover how to live with more freedom
  • Move beyond the ‘daily grind’, reconnect with themselves and find more peace and clarity
  • Gain more insight into how they are ‘showing up in the world’ and get support in areas that where they feel stuck or confused
  • Discover joyful, empowering strategies that can be applied to everyday life

More details are here: Full Flight Life Coaching: Wild at Heart

International Equine Summit

Dates: October 11 – 13, 2016. Join us again in 2017

October 2016 Summit

Details from 2016 Event: Featuring Shelly R. Rosenberg. Help celebrate the launch of My Horses My Healers, Inc., a new non profit sanctuary for horses and humans. This will be an unrivaled opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your horses and inspiring horse people. The event offers riding exercises, instruction, panel discussions, experiential learning, workshops, lectures, films, and more.


Who is this event for?

We are delighted to host this gathering to bring together everyone who loves or works with horses and has an interest in expanding their experience in the equine field.

All are welcome—equine practitioners, equestrians, professionals, trainers, equine facilitated learning instructors, psychotherapists, horse-led personal/leadership development specialists, academics, animal/human bond researchers, any discipline or modality including (without limitation) EAGALA, PATH, Eponaquest, EAHAE, EGE—anyone with an interest in horses.

Contact: If you have questions, would like further information or would like to speak about the summit please call or email:

+1 520-419-6467 dressagecenter@theriver.com Shelley Rosenberg, Riding Focused Practitioner

If you love horses and want to Share, Learn and Experience, come and collaborate with us!

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